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The key of success of marketing your brand online lies in getting spotted by a search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo and such other sites gives ranking to various websites. The ranking depends on the number of visitors your search engine gets.

SearchGrowth SEO company help you to bring organic targeted traffic from related keywords.


Starting from 126 AUD/m on Yearly Package.

SEO company BrisbaneBring more customer by driving more traffic

If you do not use online marketing strategies that have started to generate traffic and conversions on your site, it’s time you looked into the search engine promotion services available. A reputable SEO company can provide personalized plan to move your site to rank and get your business from people who want what you offer.


More Traffic, More Brand Awareness, More Business

Design crafted by our expert team of research & experience.

Much simple, customized and cost effective.

A clean, fast and accessible code.

Focus is on conversion.

SEO Packages

No Hidden Charges. Use our live support if you have any query.

5 Keyword
126 AUD/M on Yr Package

1 Month @ 180 AUD/m
6 Months @ 153 AUD/m (15% OFF)
1 Year @ 126 AUD/m (30% OFF)

  • Initial Review & Analysis
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Reporting
  • Email Support

10 Keyword
196 AUD/M on Yr Package

1 Month @ 280 AUD/m
6 Months @ 238 AUD/m (15% OFF)
1 Year @ 196 AUD/m (30% OFF)

  • Initial Review & Analysis
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Content Marketing*
  • Social Media Optimization*
  • Reporting
  • Email Support
15 Keyword
350 AUD/M on Yr Package

1 Month @ 500 AUD/m
6 Months @ 425 AUD/m (15% OFF)
1 Year @ 350 AUD/m (30% OFF)

  • Initial Review & Analysis
  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Email Support

Local SEO Service


Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for geographically related searches. Local SEO, or “local search engine optimization,” helps your business increase your online visibility, outperform your local competitors, increase organic traffic to your website, and win your business more qualified potential.

SearchGrowth SEO in one of the renowned and experienced organizations that offer local SEO service in Australia. Using the best local SEO services can convey beneficial results for a local business.


SearchGrowth SEO Company Advantages :

It acts as a Traffic Booster

Moving your site to the top in search engine results will hike the clicks. Traffic boost increases leads and SEO aids to bring more growth in your business.

Improved User Experience

SEO is all about building up a good experience of the clients who visit your website .

We help you in building Brand Awareness

There is a reason for people clicking the top result in searches and the reason is credibility. You get more leads, more exposure and becomes trustworthy when your site is at the top position.

Its very cost effective

The outcomes from SEO marketing campaign is always well implemented. And the results you get are much more measured up than any other marketing techniques. SEO targets the right audience for your business product and service, so you get much more ROI.

SEO Marketing Expertise

Since 2012 Search Growth has been a leading force . We have started various search engine optimization strategies for our clients all over. And we would be more than  happier to serve you at the best. Just by checking the testimonials  you can see our positive clients. They are much satisfied towards our service. Looking at our clients you can guess what Search Growth can  achieve for your business?

As you may all know how SEO is evolving as are the algorithms that search engines use. At Search Growth, we always operate on the cutting edge of SEO. We are always with latest SEO practices and approaches.
Assure yourself about search engine penalties as we follow the guidelines. These guidelines stand the test of time which is delivered by Google-approved strategies.

From setup to ongoing delivery

Search Growth is a complete SEO company & SEO service provider. We offer a detailed monthly SEO reporting and ongoing SEO maintenance to our clients. Everything you need to put in your efforts is to ensure your site maintains the top ranking status.

Focused of Search Growth marketing services

We are with you in every step of your success. We plan our SEO marketing services in such a way where we want your website to be at the top status. From the beginning, we create and put in your email marketing strategy. We keep a check and provide you with maintenance and reports. Our reports includes an update on increases in traffic, rankings and conversions. We also provide you with every details of visitor who visits your website. Our detailed analytical reports shows the journey of our clients . It shows every minute details such as from searching your targeted keywords to making a sale. Our analytical report and optimization support will guarantee you growth in your business. A useful and valuable data is available to you. You can even base your important corporate decisions.

Case Study

Electro Guru, One of the Australia’s popular electrical service provider hired our service. They hired us to recover their site from a Google penalty, increase traffic and outreach. The Search Growth team created a short term strategy in recovery for the site. They started putting right the issues Google had flagged up. Simultaneously they worked with the Google Web Spam team to remove and future issues.

As a result, Electro Guru now featured on google for many keywords. Some keywords like “Local Electricians Brisbane” that attracts a staggering 7,000 searches per week. The upshot of this is a greater influx of targeted traffic and important Sales. shot of this is a greater influx of targeted traffic and important Sales.

Clients Testimonials

Excellent work!

"Thank You Search Growth for bringing me more & more business. We would surely love to advertise with you ."

Electro Guru


"I am relieved now as my business online marketing is looked after by the experts Search Growth. I can sit back and relax."

Aussi Coupons
Founder & Managing Director

Excellent Result

“A lot of marketers just take money and ask us to follow what they tell us but Search Growth is the one of its kind I have ever seen where they do follow up for your advertisements and get in to detailed investigation as to whats going on wrong and guide us in the right way.”

HyperSales Corp.
Director of Marketing and Sales

More than Expected!

“ I would like to appreciate the hard work of Search Growth. The data provided was very useful. It all runs so smooth and it’s the best form of marketing. As long as we advertise I would love to be associated with Search Growth.”

Vision Education
VP of Marketing and Sales

Excellent Job!

“ We are very much satisfied with the response we are getting through Search Growth. They give us great reporting .”
Chief Electrical Contractor
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