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 If you loosing money on online advertising and wondering how to bring more customers for your business. You are at the right place!

As a Google Partner we are Certified Google Agency and have met their most stringent eligibility and training requirements.

SEM is the most cost effective way to reach your targeted customers.

SEM builds an Online Reputation for your firm.

We tailor the optimal Google AdWords strategy based on our experience and best practices – No templated “one size fits all”.

Search Growth is a Search Marketing Agency, we make PPC Advertising profitable for you.


    Free AdWord Evaluation

    No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

    Inclusive and affordable PPC Campaign management.

    Our experts empower clients of all sizes to increase profit and Return on investment (ROI).


    Certified Team

    All account managers in out team are individually Google adword certified. So you get only a very well professionally certified Account Managers.


    Conversion increased up to 45%

    Our Service has increase conversion rate up to 45% to our clients.


    New to Online Ads?

    If you are new to Online Advertising, please get in touch with our experts service to setup your First Free Online Advertisement Strategy

    Discover How You Can Increase Your AdWords Performance

    Start with a live evaluation with a Digital Media Advisor.

    Find out what we would do differently and why.

    Discuss the AdWords strategy that matches your business goals.

    Decide on the management plan that enables your strategy.

    We don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns, we also optimise your website conversion rate.

    We know that a high conversion rate is the biggest competitive advantage you have.

    Why choose us?

    Our expertise in online marketing industry

    We have an experience of amazing 9 years of experience serving United States, Canada, United kingdom, Australia and India in Digital Marketing.

    How we drive traffic with PPC

    We use every PPC advertising network in Australia to drive traffic to your website. This includes Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and Bing Ads.

    How we make PPC profitable

    We don’t just focus on optimising your PPC campaigns. We also focus on optimising your website conversion rate. This can include AB split-testing, developing high-converting landing pages or working with your design team to improve your site.

    Excellent work!

    "Thank You Search Growth for bringing me more & more business. We would surely love to advertise with you ."

    Electro Guru


    "I am relieved now as my business online marketing is looked after by the experts Search Growth. I can sit back and relax."

    Aussi Coupons
    Founder & Managing Director

    Excellent Result

    “A lot of marketers just take money and ask us to follow what they tell us but Search Growth is the one of its kind I have ever seen where they do follow up for your advertisements and get in to detailed investigation as to whats going on wrong and guide us in the right way.”

    HyperSales Corp.
    Director of Marketing and Sales

    More than Expected!

    “ I would like to appreciate the hard work of Search Growth. The data provided was very useful. It all runs so smooth and it’s the best form of marketing. As long as we advertise I would love to be associated with Search Growth.”

    Vision Education
    VP of Marketing and Sales

    Excellent Job!

    “ We are very much satisfied with the response we are getting through Search Growth. They give us great reporting .”
    Chief Electrical Contractor

    Frequently asked questions

    Are your performance evaluation standard templates?

    Despite the fact that we do assess your Google AdWords crusades taking into account certain variables, most assessments touch on distinctive points without fail. Moreover, every assessments are performed live, so you’re allowed to pose any questions you have at the top of the priority list and the Digital Media Advisor will dependably contribute with something new.

    We therefore do not have standard templates where we build our Google AdWords evaluations.

    How do you get access to our Google AdWords account?

    As a digital marketing agency we use Google’s Multi Client Centers (MCC) to gain access to advertisers’ Google AdWords accounts. This works by you sending us your 10 digit Customer ID. With this ID we can send you an invitation to join our MCC and gain access to your Google AdWords account.

    The benefits of using this type of access is that you can always remove our access. Furthermore, with this type of access no login information passes hands and we don’t have access to your billing information.

    Will you make any changes to my Google AdWords campaigns?

    We always guarantee that we will not make any changes to your Google AdWords campaigns during the evaluation.

    First of all, we do not work for free and it would be against common sense to make changes to your Google AdWords campaigns without being paid for it and against your will.

    Secondly, you can always revise and revert any change in your Google AdWords account using the Change History tool.

    Are there any hidden fees associated with the evaluation?

    No. The Google AdWords assessment is 100% complimentary.

    Besides, in Search Growth™ we have stripped all superfluous managerial steps, which implies we charge customers forthright on monthly basis. This has the added benefit that we will never come after-the-fact and ask you for more money..

    Still have questions? Email us at for answers