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Our Unique Ways to Protect your Online Reputation:

Developing and promoting new positive content

Promoting the existing positive result.

Insulate your online brand to cut the risk of future

Remote AND/OR amend negative results required.

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    Online Reputation Management Agency

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps you prevent any PR disasters. These services ensures the safety of your brand. It also works towards solving the issues ofcourse, once the crisis has addressed .

    Enhancing and protecting your online reputation is the main focus of our strategy . SearchGrowth help you to shift the conversation with a nice, engaging content. We also help to use online news, blogs, social media platforms . We can also guide you with digital media strategy. We also assist you to overcome your common challenges and limitations.

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    Turn happy customers into promoters

    A single click of your satisfied customers can improve your online reputation. Reputation leads to surveys with logic leading happy customers. They write reviews, share their good experience with the company. This inturn impress other unknown or unhappy customers resulting into success of the firm.

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    Manage reviews

    Always keep a track on how your team follow-ups the review. Reputation, in other words is a proper management of how you handle your reviews. It’s a process of converting reviews into customer service.

    Online Advertising

    Track and measure performance

    Our advanced techniques enables our team to do research. It also helps to understand the behavior of the customers. We analyze the trends, measures KPI and set goals. This is inorder to improve reputation and improve the experience of customers.


    Online Privacy – Important aspect required for your business

    Its not just individuals who affect by personal privacy vulnerabilities. They often serve as an entry to business targeting hackers. Hence we offer Executive Privacy engagements to our team members and corporate security operations. We make it harder for the hackers to target your business with any types of anti-social scams.

    Successful leaders always build reputation first

    The steps to build a successful brand are always the same. Then whether its your personal, business or a product brand. Brands are not built overnight. Its a long term hardwork and commitment .

    Building a Brand and building a reputation is the same. You need to prove your efficiency again and again inorder to gain trust of people. This holds true for all individuals, small or large companies and even for the largest.

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    The Search Growth ORM process:

    We develop an engagement strategy only after studying your goals and objectives together.
    Our editorial team creates a positive, truthful content about you.
    We go-ahead for publication only after you review all the content.
    We publish new materials online and optimize them for impact.
    This is how positive content pushes up the search results you like. whereas negative search results goes to lower positions where they are less visible.

     Kind of impression your search results makes

    Online reputation statistics
    Over 80% of reputation damage comes from a difference. The difference between the buzz and the reality.
    92% users just refer to page 1 for any given search.
    78% U.S adults believe its always good to look up the info about people or business online before doing any business with them.
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    Frequently asked questions

    How does Search Growth decide what to write about me or my business?

    The client supply us with the raw information about the company or the product you want the readers to know. Our well trained editorial team works on it. You can always have information imported from your LinkedIn Account.

    Why Does it Take So Long?

    Online reputation repairing is complex and requires analysis. It takes time to show effect after the site set up. For eg Google does not rank made sites high, so it takes months for any changes . Besides, it takes months to create a good online presence where sites treat you as a leader. Generally, an average project is tobe completed in about six months.

    Why is it necessary to have a good online reputation?

    Generally people don’t ask for references today. They just head to google hence internet is the first impression. In todays life, people get anyone’s information about them through a google search. Hence great care has to be taken while making this online reputation . Bad Reputation can lead to closure of business. While good reputation may lead to new heights of success.

    Once something is online , is it there forever?

    Yes. Its usually not possible to remove something once its on the web. Because according to the statistics, 92% of people don’t go beyond first page. Pushing the negative information off the first. Second or third page makes it possible to disappear.

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