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    Online Public Relations

    Improving sales is the main focus of Search Growth Online PR. We try to increase sales by various digital marketing techniques like SEO, viral marketing etc.Its a low cost technique for creating awareness of your brand or website among people.

    Digital Business Management & Brand-building

    Search Growth has a unique focused approach towards gaining visibility. We also focus traction both in traditional and in digital media. We are skilled at catering to the clients requirements.

    Crisis Communications

    We are always with our clients during the time of crisis. We help them in getting out of that situation with their business reputation unharmed.

    Effective Public Relations

    We are the leading agency because of our expert knowledge of various business domain and our understanding of digital media in Australia. We also provide Public Relations solutions.

    Strategic Counselling & Advisory Services

    Customized strategy is usually provided after analyzing the problems faced by the business. Our strategy helps you in improving the growth of your business.

    Cross-platform Marketing

    To get the response from various clients all modes of communication are provided.

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    Interactive Reputation Management

    We help you to optimize utility apps. We also offer you fabulous content creation for all your commercial and advertisements needs.

    Investor/Analyst Relations

    We understand your strengths. We also helps you to use them in proper channel to help you succeed by winning the trust of your clients on you.

    Enhancing Online Presence & Image shaping

    Our communications campaigns includes developing & designing digital tools. It also include techniques such as digital video, online advertising campaigns and websites.


    Are online PR tactics appropriate for any business?

    For any business to be successful they have to consider all the marketing tactics. The client can chose the appropriate one suitable for their particular business. Online PR tactics can be powerful only if they chose the suitable one with offline marketing.Business News should be available for the media to help the public know more about their company. The company includes press releases, an online media kit, a good SEO effort and an optimized blog. It is advisable to use social bookmark services such as and to archive the online media coverage. An optimized blog is also a good idea to reach out to other blogs to encourage the total coverage of Company news.


    One could find a wide variety of online PR tactics. Some help you to search while others helps you to place online content as editorials and guest blogs. Online PR includes community management, customer relations, web design, SEO etc.

    The potential customer can see the Online PR efforts . Online PR direct to traffic to a particular website which inturn create brand awareness. Those PR shown as search results which consumer may find for their queries.

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    Online Public Relations success factors

    Online PR often targets online properties, along with other networks, from search to social. This online approach influences:

    · Directories, lists and organizations

    · Bloggers: personal & professional

    · Columnists & traditional writers

    · Twitter users

    · Social Media users: Google Plus, Facebook, etc

    · Awards, events and exhibitions

    What’s the difference between online and offline Public Relations?

    Online PR includes activities for interacting with public on online channels like forums, blogs. Online PR also focuses on the monitoring of the Brand reputation and management.

    Offline PR also deals with the same things. The only difference between online & offline PR is in how you present it to your clients.

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