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In today’s techno world, email marketing is a very powerful weapon to boost your business but only, if done with proper planning and strategically and this where you can rely upon Search Growth.

Features of Search Growth Email Campaign

Event –Triggered email guarantees you to hit the targeted customers.

One can expect maximum ROI every time.

Our clients can obviously expect timely follow-ups & post replenishment reminders.

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    Email Marketing

    Search Growth Email Marketing is a huge success as the statistics say it all: in 2013, the ROI for email marketing hit a staggering 2500%. Automated Email marketing is a a low-cost but high- return investment tool. You can turn out to be a winner with just a perfect sleek design, proper strategic thinking and few clever features. If you are still struggling to step in to success, you are just a step away and that step of success is – Email Marketing.


    Look-at-me Designs

    Email Marketing Campaigns is an art of campaigning to get your voice heard louder & clearer. Your email sent to your client will reflect your brand. The way of email sent creates an impression in the minds of your clients. Hence the designers always try to design a template that may create good image of your firm. The mail should greet the client warmly but professionally, it should give the details of your firm and clearly reflect the brand power. There are many templates available which one can choose as per the customers need and requirement.

    E-commerce integration puts a shop in your inbox

    Sales is the final goal that all businessman target for . They do marketing, advertising, building rapport with customers all just to increase sales and email is a very good opportunity to generate sales. With the help of SearchGrowth seamless e-commerce integration you just put your products in the inbox and customers can stop and make purchases then and there. Making use of Copernica Marketing Software ensures both power and flexibility . This software is the smartest email marketing software suppliers in the business so you can always rely that your social media advertising is in the right hands.
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    Expert analysis means you benefit from constant innovation

    Email Marketing is not a one time thing. It’s a continuous process with designing a mail, sending it to prospective clients, doing regular follow ups and this track follows upto conversion but along with all this procedure if proper analysis is not carried out , the whole thing is in vain. Analyzing is a process where you come to know which process is going wrong and which one is giving you sales so that you can make changes in your email marketing strategy accordingly. Analyzing, making statistics are not just numbers it’s a result of great observance. They provide very important base upon which you can make great decisions!!

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    Lets come together and join hands to bring in success . Just fill our simple contact form and our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Whatever issues you have we can sit up together, chat and workout some amazing ways to take your business to a higher level of success.
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    Frequently asked questions

    1. How can Email Marketing benefit my business?

    Email Marketing is a very effective communication tool . Its very beneficial to your business as its very cost effective, fast & you can be in contact with your clients directly. As everyone holds a email address you can always be in contact with your clients directly and at no time.

    2. What is the difference between branded vs non-branded email marketing?
      Branded Email Marketing

    All the aspects of an email communication would be branded with your company name. Your Company name would stand out among others & this inturn would increase your business income.

      Non-Branded Email Marketing

    It is a setup commonly provided by all email marketing agencies where all the aspects of email communication are branded either with agency names or some domain names. In current era of competition, business people avoid sending non- branded email communications.

    3. How do I grow my email marketing list organically, then?

    We can either buy email lists or you have to make people hear about you or your company. Your Company can also create an offer, one of the basic way to grow your list. The other way is you can get email address of the people to grow your email marketing list organically.

    4. How do I make sure I don’t land in the spam folder?

    The biggest worry of business owners in advertising through email is their mails too get dumped in the spam folder by the clients. But there’s a way out to this problem, you can always work off an opt-in email list that is prepared by yourself. You should also follow the etiquettes of email as you should identify the sender name, make unsubscription for clients easy & simple,using specific & professional content and not at all sending too many mails to the clients.

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